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Our School

Lomita Steam Magnet
School Vision and Mission

Lomita STEAM Magnet's vision is that our students, upon culminating from fifth grade, middle school, and high school will have acquired the knowledge and skills to graduate from college and become leaders in their communities.  They will be able to easily work with people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, cultures, and languages in a caring and empathetic manner.  In the future, our students will have a great influence of their communities at the Local, State, National and International level.

Lomita STEAM Magnet's mission is to educate students of diverse backgrounds to listen, speak, read and write at a high level, to work collaboratively with each other, to be prepared for STEAM careers as well as careers in the humanities and to make responsible decisions as our future community leaders.


Lomita Elementary School officially became a magnet school in 1978.  We are a High Achieving School and proud to announce that in 2010 we became a California Distinguished School.  In addition, Magnet Schools of America honored Lomita STEAM Magnet as a Magnet School of Distinction.


  • All children and adults must be treated with dignity and respect. 
  • Children can and want to behave appropriately.
  • Clear and specific directions are more likely to be followed.
  • Behavior is shaped by its consequences—both positive, neutral and negative.
  • We believe in Positive Behavior Support and therefore teach our students the desirable behaviors so they may be successful.