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Administration Team

Mr. Olmos, Principal

Ms. Scott, Assistant Principal/ EL Coordinator

Ms. Ramirez, APEIS

Ms. Gross, Intervention Prevention Coordinator

Dr. Ra-Kim, Categorical Program Advisor

Ms. Rodriguez, Data and Problem Solving Coordinator

Mr. Webster, Magnet Coordinator

Principal Olmos' Message

Greetings Lomita Leopards,

My name is Jorge Olmos and I am humbled to introduce myself as the new Principal of Lomita STEAM Magnet. Since you are entrusting me with your children, I want to share a little about myself.

I have dedicated my life to being a public servant. As a deputy sheriff of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, I dedicated six years to making a difference in my community. I quickly realized that to make meaningful change in people’s lives I would have to change careers from working with adults to working with children. 

At Gage Middle School in Huntington Park, I began my career in education as a special education teacher and have fond memories of middle school children accidently calling me mom or some other family because I made them feel like family. I then worked at Wilmington Middle School for about five years and took on many leadership roles, one of which was the dean of intervention all the while connecting with students. 

I was then asked to be the dean of discipline at Dodson Middle School and after a semester I was promoted to an assistant principal where I enjoyed mentoring many diverse students. I stayed for 3 more years before being promoted to an assistant principal at Banning High School, where I got a rare opportunity that I will treasure in that I got to see many of my former students as young adults. It is now with great pride that I bring all of these experiences to now serve the community of Lomita STEAM Magnet. 

I am also married with two children of my own. Both of my children are girls, one is nine and the other is four. The four year old is attending TK for the first time. My family is what I treasure most in the world, so I know precious all of our children are and how important it is to keep them safe. As a father and principal, my number one priority is keeping all of our children and school safe. I am here to provide what they need. My vision for our children is providing a nurturing school at Lomita STEAM Magnet where they will grow strong of mind, body and character. They will leave us with the strengths to realize their dreams with fulfilling careers and happy lives.  When our children are doing what they love, they never will have to work a day in their life and that is the future I see for our children. 

Now as we immerse ourselves in the 2018-19 school year, we thank you for your wonderful children, our students!  I hope you had a wonderful summer and that you and your children are ready to learn, grow and enjoy this school year. I am looking forward to a partnership with you to ensure your child has access to all the necessary supports both at home and school.  Your child’s teacher and other staff members are your partners in your child’s education, and we invite you to call or visit us when you have a question regarding your child’s progress in school. We will keep you informed about school events and activities by sending home emails, phone calls, flyers, notices, reminders, our LED sign, and on our website.

We are looking forward to an exciting and rigorous school year.  The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are now known as the California State Standards and we have been implementing them for the last four years now. In addition, teachers grade tests, assignments, school work and projects following very specific rubrics which they will explain during Back to School Night so please try to attend. Essentially, rubrics are standards-based and are the manner in which we grade students.  

We will continue to offer parent workshops for you to become more familiar with the California Content Standards so please plan to attend one or more sessions.  More information will be sent at a later date. 

This year we have an extensive team to support our children. Ms. Scott, our Assistant Principal shares in the responsibility of the operation of the school. Assistant Principal Ramirez supports our special education programs. Ms. Gross, our Intervention Prevention Support Coordinator, runs a Learning Center. We also have a Data and Problem Solver Coordinator, Ms. Rodriguez, who will lead our school in math interventions and support our struggling students. Our school has a half time Title I Coordinator, Dr. Ra-Kim, who supports all of our school’s programs. We also have a Magnet and English Learner Coordinator, Mr. Webster that ensures a strong and diverse student body. 

I am often out of the office during instructional time and at recess and lunch I make myself available to students and teachers, or I might be speaking with other parents or staff members. Additionally I may be at meetings off campus, so it is best to contact me for an appointment prior to coming to the office so that I may devote as much time as necessary to you when we meet. You may also email me at

With your support, we will ensure our children have a happy childhood with lasting memories and together we will make their dreams come true. There is no greater calling than being in the service of others, especially children. Therefore, I look forward to working together with you in making a difference because together we can.

In Unity,

Jorge Olmos, Principal 

Lomita STEAM Magnet