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Our first meeting will be Thursday, September 26 in Room 2.

important dates
  • Tuesday, September 10: Nomination forms due
  • Thursday, September 12:          If more than four parent nominees, then election ballots will be sent home with one ballot per family
  • Friday, September 13:  Ballots are due to the school's main office
  • Thursday, September 26:       The first LSLC committee meeting in Room 2 ( Parent Center)

School Site Council

SSC Members

Parent Members: 

1.  - Chairperson

2.  - Vice Chairperson





School Staff Members:

1. Jorge Olmos - Principal

2. Jamie Gross - Secretary 

3. Claudia Setka - Parlimentarian 

4. Anna Thomson 

5. Monica Lertkulvanich 

Overview and Responsibilities

The School Site Council (SSC) is a decision-making group that provides oversight on matters dealing with Federal and State funded programs. 

School Site Councils provide oversight of the academic planning and budgeting process associated with the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) in order to meet the needs of all students. SSCs provide meaningful consultation with the principal to oversee the implementation, monitoring, and revision of the SPSA, including reviewing and analyzing data; consulting with advisory groups; evaluating programs and activities; and allocating the expenditure of funds available to the school through categorical programs.

The SSC is required at all schools in LAUSD.